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Above: Some of the modern K, A & G team members.

Below: Our Founders

About Kensington, Argent and Grey

Kensington, Argent and Grey has over five thousand attorneys in over one hundred offices around the world. All of our attorneys and associates are bilingual and many are multilingual.

Our attorneys were all top of class graduates from the finest law schools in the world. Our associates begin as fourth years. Our work requires dedication, discretion and brilliance therefore we do not hire first, second or third year associates rather we recruit the best and brightest associates away from our competitors at the end of their third year. We have found this approach provides us with proven talent capable of meeting the needs of our diverse and demanding clients.

Employment opportunities with Kensington, Argent and Grey are by invitation only. We do not accept unsolicited inquiries or curriculum vitae.

If you are cut from right cloth for Kensington, Argent and Grey we will find you.

Latest News

K, A & G Firm Vs. Clients Annual Charity Polo Match - London Office

Casual Friday attire for spectators and guests. Clients and firm employees participating in the polo match shall be required to wear a KAG Polo Shirt with their breeches. Don't be left out - order your shirt now! Festivities begin at 10:00 pm with match to follow promptly at midnight.